Teen Writer’s Guild

Writing is an excellent form of expression, and the the Farmington Public Library is offering teen authors a space in which to explore their imaginations. The Teen Writer’s Guild is a creative writing group for teens, ages 13 – 19. The Guild is a safe place for writers and poets to express ideas, share their work, and collaborate with like-minded creators.

The Guild meets every Tuesday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm here at the library.

(Registration is not required to attend).


  • For ages 13 – 19
  • This is a safe place where participants can share their work and discuss if they choose to do so.  There is NO judgement here.
  • Writers can share as little or as much as they want (time permitting, of course).  Writers are not required to share anything at all.
  • This is NOT school!  The work will not be graded or ranked.  This is not a contest.
  • Listen to each other.  Not only is it basic respect, but you might learn something or be inspired by something someone else has written.
  • Most writers crave feedback, but sometimes constructive criticism can be taken personally and in a negative way.  Please be aware of this when offering advice.  Please remember:  the purpose of this group is to offer a low-pressure and creative environment for everybody.
  •  Most of all, HAVE FUN and enjoy the community we create together!