Tails & Tales Safari Week

We’ll be having a roaring good time this week!

Below are 5 stories and activities for Safari Week (July 12 – 16). To watch the full videos, use the following to sign in:

Username: farmpl

Password: summer2021

  1. Watch the interactive game show that takes you on a safari without leaving your sofa, Sofa Safari.
  2. With a zip lock bag, black and white construction paper, and permanent markers, make a Safari Flashlight. You can watch the tutorial here.
  3. Illustrator David DePasquale will share his picture book, A Wisdom of Wombats, about the wonderful words we use to describe groups of animals.
  4. You can make your own puppets just like Jim’s. Jim shares some backstage secrets, and teaches us the five steps to becoming a fantastic puppeteer.
  5. Every animal needs a superpower to survive. Meet real live animal superheroes in this “wild” program.