Tails & Tales Ocean Week

Whale Hello There!!!

Are you ready for Ocean week? Below are five stories and activities for Ocean Week (June 14 – 18). To watch the full videos, use the following credentials:

Username: farmpl

Password: summer2021

  1. The Ocean’s Got Talent is on-air with all the watery wonders! We’ve searched the seven seas for some of ocean’s most talented creatures. Octopus will perform an amazing escape, Mantis Shrimp will prove he’s not just a pretty face, and Angler Fish has an act you’ll definitely want to catch.
  2. With some recycled styrofoam and water based markers, you can “print” your own beautiful ocean scene.
  3. Author Kate Messner is passionately curious and writes books that encourage kids to wonder, too. Her many titles include Chirp, and the popular Ranger in Time chapter books about a time-traveling dog. In this video, Kate talks to Page Turner about the creatures who live Over and Under the Pond AND Over and Under the Rainforest!
  4. With some water based markers and a little H2O, coffee filters are transformed into colorful sea creatures using the Coffee Filter Fish craft instructions.
  5. Yasu is an award-winning performer who combines traditional Japanese theatre, music, origami, magic, and storytelling. Let Yasu amaze you and show you how to make your very own origami water creatures!